Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905 Ghostex
Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905
Weapon class










Reload time


Magazine Size

5 rounds



Used by

British Military Forces

"Standard service rifle. Reasonably accurate and powerful, but watch your shots - clip size is only 5 rounds."
— Description

The Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905, also referred to as the Thorneycroft Carbine, is a British semi-automatic rifle used primarily by the British Military forces.


The brainchild of James Baird Thorneycroft, the Thorneycroft rifle began life as a bolt-action rifle. The design was unique in that the feeding system was placed behind the trigger - thus giving birth to the "bullpup" configuration. The first prototypes were ultimately rejected by the British Army, but it was his collaboration with one Moubray Gore Farquhar in 1905 that would result in his first successful entry rifle. The semi-automatic Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905 entered service with the British Army on the 5th November, 1906.


It has a five-round magazine capacity, which is reloaded moderately fast. However, the raw power of the Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905 makes it a good choice for close-quarters engagements. It is very loud, making it useless for stealth, but a decent weapon to carry in case of detection. Because it is heavy, though, it is recommended that the player carries a lighter weapon.

The Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905 is generally a 1-shot kill at close ranges. At a distance, it may be up to a 3 - 4 shot kill. It does not have a lot of recoil, and therefore can be fired in continuation easily. The amount of shots fired should be controlled, however, due to the long reload time. Ideally, the player should only use the weapon when they need to, as abusing it will prove costly if engaged in a firefight whilst reloading.

Ammunition for the Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905 is somewhat frequent. Soldiers carry it's ammunition often, as do certain Police units. Guards may also carry ammunition for it, but the player should not rely on them to have the correct ammunition on their person.

Real-life equivalentEdit

The Thorneycroft-Farquhar M1905 is based upon the real-life Thorneycroft rifle, which was designed by James Baird Thorneycroft. His actual rifle designs were all bolt-action, and it is indeed true that he collaborated with Moubray Farquhar in 1905, but this collaboration in reality ended in a rejection from the British War Office.

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