The Charly Show

The Charly Show was a short-lived public access TV show that aired in Dallas during the early 90's. It was hosted by Rob McFarland.


The format of the show appeared to be a comedy talk show in which "Charly" (Rob McFarland) would stand in front of a curtain, making jokes and talking to "special" guests in front of an audience of about 4 people (producers, perhaps?). Unfortunately the show was a catastrophic failure, mostly due to the fact that Charly's jokes fell flat on their ass and nobody laughed at them. Only a few episodes were ever aired, and even fewer have been archived for future generations.

Known EpisodesEdit

The "Pilot Episode" - in which Rob (with a ponytail) tells mediocre jokes and gets literally no laughs. He appears to be in a different studio.

The "Spring Break Special" - in which Rob reels off constant one-liners and the audience either laughs awkwardly at, or not at all. Strangely, not many of his jokes are even spring-break related.

The "Christmas Special" - in which Rob reels off even more unfunny one-liners that you'd probably find on a cheap Christmas card.


"Oh, good grief, thanks for comin' out and getting hard with us, everybody."
— Rob's signature opening quote.
"You have to be really careful not to get burned over spring break, kids. That's why I use a roach clip and condoms."
— Rob's "edgy humour". Hilarity ensues (lies).