Stanley-Thorpe EM Ghostex
Stanley Thorpe EM
Weapon class



Low (16-20)




Medium (322.92m)



Reload time


Magazine Size

25 rounds



Used by


"A state-of-the-art "assault rifle" recently fielded by the armed forces. Fully-automatic sustained fire can suppress targets, but the weapon is heavy and difficult to operate."
— Description

The Stanley Thorpe EM is a British rifle used by Military forces. It is fully-automatic, with low recoil and damge, but medium range, mobility and accuracy. It is one of the few rare weapons which can only be encountered at certain times.

The Stanley Thorpe EM is ideal for medium range engagements, as recoil is not a problem and it is fairly accurate. It does, however, have low damage, meaning that shots to the head are advised. It takes around 4 - 6 shots to kill unarmored enemies (around 1 - 2 if the player achieves a headshot) and 7 - 10 shots to kill armored enemies. It does have a long reload time, meaning that the player must ration their shots if they want to avoid constant reloading. Ammunition, like the weapon itself, is also rare, but when it is found, it comes in large quantities.


  • Twin Magazines
  • Optical Scope
  • Muzzle Suppressor
  • Munitions Counter

Real-life equivalentEdit

The Stanley Thorpe EM is, in fact, a real firearm, but is anachronistic for the period setting. The real version of the rifle was designed in the late 40's by Stanley Thorpe and was trialed by the British Army in the 1950's. A second version, known as the EM-2, was later developed, but both designs were unsuccessful.