SerLea ACE

The SerLea ACE was a double-barreled submachine gun allegedly designed by a Lebanese immigrant living in the US.


Some controversy surrounds the SerLea ACE submachine gun. Due to the complete lack of information surrounding the weapon, some have even speculated that the gun is a hoax. According to an unsourced description of the weapon, it was designed by a Lebanese man who was a veteran of several Beirut street battles. It had twin barrels, twin magazines and twin bolts, and was supposedly trialed (and rejected) by the LAPD in the 1990s. Apparently only 4 exist in the world, and 2 are possessed by the LAPD.
The SerLea ACE appeared in the 1994 movie "Direct Hit" as a blank-firing prop. It is entirely possible that the weapon was a prop designed for the movie. Whether the gun was ever real remains a complete mystery to this day.