Schock für das System! (English: Shock to the system) is a mission assigned to the protagonist in the Berlin section. It is the 8th assignment overall. The objective of the assignment is to find and assassinate Friedrich Amsel (placeholder), the leader of the Fascist organization, at a movie theatre. The player can choose to abide and kill Amsel, or spare him and betray the Liberation movement.


The protagonist is assigned the mission by Huxley Donald after completing "Beständigkeit". The protagonist receives 2 items in order to help him complete his objective: a map of the cinema area and a Bergmann M1903 rifle. The protagonist is told to draw as least attention to himself as possible.

There are multiple ways to complete this objective:

  • Enter the cinema when the film starts and blend in with the people around. Then, find and assassinate Amsel.
  • Wait until everybody has entered the cinema, and then take the stairs to the balcony area and snipe Amsel.
  • Go to the kitchen area and rig the boiler to blow up, causing a massive explosion and killing most of the audience on the right wing, including Amsel.
  • Eliminate all the guards, then kill Amsel by any of the above means.

If the player is detected before Amsel has been assassinated, they can barricade the doors to the cinema so that he cannot escape.

Attempting method #1 will blow the player's cover once Amsel has been killed, and so escaping is much more difficult. Large numbers of guards may approach and attack the player once Amsel is dead.

With method #2, the player must sneak past or eliminate the guards on the upper floor as quietly as possible. Once they have done this, killing Amsel is generally very easy. The player can also escape through the back windows of the second floor once Amsel is dead, so that they do not have to engage in combat with any guards.

Method #3 is the most complex of the methods, as the player will have to sneak past the guards on the lower floor, enter the kitchen without causing any disturbance, and then rig the boiler. However, because guards may enter the kitchen at any given time, it is impossible to know when it is safe to rig the boiler. If the player succeeds in rigging it, they can escape before any suspicion is raised. 

Method #4 is hard to pull off successfully, as once suspicion is raised, guards may escort Amsel off the premises imminently.

Alternatively, the player may wish to ignore orders and spare Amsel. To do so, the player must allow inform Amsel of the assassination conspiracy before he enters the cinema. He will order the evacuation of the cinema and no-one will be harmed. The protagonist will no longer be an enemy of the state in the Berlin section, but Huxley and any remaining Liberators in Berlin will be arrested by the Fascists, resulting in the optional assignment "Freiheit".