American Exxxtasy (pronounced American Triple-Xtasy) was an adult television channel that was part of the SelecTV television service. It ran from approximately 1985 - 1990.


The American Exxxtasy channel broadcast "adult" (pornographic) movies to those that subscribed to the channel. Subscription came in the form of a descrambler box that made the channel visible; viewers that did not own a descrambler would see a fuzzy image. The descrambler box cost around $400 for the first year's worth of viewing and then $120 for the subsequent years. Despite this steep price (especially for the mid-80s), the channel gained around 30,000 subscribers.

The actual content of the channel isn't very noteworthy, but the channel was subject to a series of hijackings courtesy of Thomas M. Haynie, a television technician for the Christian Broadcasting Network. Haiyne (who was presumably opposed to pornography) used American Exxxtasy to send out the message: "THUS SAYETH THE LORD THY GOD...REMEMBER THE SABATH AND KEEP IT HOLY. REPENT. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!!" Haynie was caught after pulling this stunt about 3 times to American Exxxtasy and several more times to the Playboy Channel.


American Exxxtasy met its end in 1990, when the Justice Department declared its content obscene and forced its closure. Subscribers were treated to free service at the Tuxxxedo channel, which was a more softcore alternative. The real reason the channel met its demise, however, was not actually entirely because of its hardcore content; it was the centre of a scandal in the late 80's/early 90's in which a young boy from Alabama signed up for a subscription to the channel without his parent's knowledge and taped content from the channel to sell to other children at his school. Once he was caught, naturally the channel was blamed, and so the bosses of the channel, Paul Klein and Jeff Younger, were more or less forced to plead guilty of obscenity. The Tuxxxedo channel was taken off air shortly after Exxxtasy.

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