Бесполезные Уроки

Бесполезные Уроки (English: "Useless Lessons") was a Russian children's TV show that aired in the early 90's.


The show featured two Ukrainian clowns, Dmitri Bogatirev and Iryna Ivanytska. The clowns would engage in unusual activities, such as spoof news reports and strange songs with poor special effects. The dialogue was entirely in distorted Russian. The humour was slapstick and sometimes downright twisted, and the series was quite short-lived.

Known EpisodesEdit

Как бросить курить - a bizarre anti-smoking episode in which Dmitri smokes a massive doobie and is spanked by Iryna for doing so.

Как познакомиться с девочкой - translated, the title means "How to meet a girl", but the content of the episode is just inexplicably random.

Дед Отмороз - an odd Christmas-themed episode featuring "Grandfather Frost" (the Russian equivalent of Santa Claus).

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